About RKA Worldwide

Powerful solutions for elevating organizations to the next level and for companies in distress or facing risk and adversity.

RKA Worldwide Group LLC and RKA Worldwide do Brasil Consultoria Ltda, and our other companies in formation are jointly, boutique, privately held, and minority/veteran-owned professional services and management consulting expert firms. With leadership presence and residing in the Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and New York metro areas; Miami; Houston; Austin; Atlanta; Columbus; Tampa; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City; Brisbane, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Cologne, Germany, the firm principals are repeatedly sought-after in high stakes forensic, integrity services and special investigation, as well as risk, security/executive protection, litigation support, and compliance advisory services. They have worked for or served the world’s largest, most recognized, and respected companies.

Together, RKA multi-lingual leaders some which are certified public accountants, accredited business valuators, certified internal auditors and certified fraud examiners, others certified in financial forensics, project management, audit leadership, government and information systems audit, and risk management, licensed attorneys, and personal protection specialists. We have decades of experience as former Fortune 30 senior executives, including CEOs and Board/Audit Committee members, Big4 accounting firm partners, external and internal auditors, compliance advisors, protection and intelligence community personnel, United States federal prosecutors, and state and federal American and foreign law enforcement and armed forces commissioned officers.

RKA is committed to the highest level of personalized client service and innovation to address the most challenging issues and crises that our clients face – dealing with disruption and distress is at the core of our humble beginnings.  Our people work hard, draw on their experience to react quickly in dynamic situations, think laterally to consider new ideas for seemingly insoluble problems, and to build effective and trusting relationships within our teams and with our clients. We are as focused on returns as we are on giving back to the communities where we work and live, which are the source of our talent and business

We hire the best and brightest people, experts and leaders, embracing and celebrating our differences; we welcome veterans; we encourage balanced lifestyles; we are proud to support our people to connect with each other and reflect and share the diversity of cultures and perspectives across the countries where we do business – providing our clients with a dynamic advantage that combines global perspectives with deep local knowledge; our people are promoted based on company and individual results, as well as  strict ethical behavior, so they can reach their full potential; we lead and work side by side with our clients and customers; we encourage curiosity, challenge, and authenticity; we believe that only together as a team, we can all win; we put integrity and ethical business practices above profits with a firm belief that compliance and ethical standards define a company’s culture and not a corporate punch list.

RKA Worldwide Values

RKA Worldwide is different. We provide you with powerful, pragmatic solutions grounded in real-life work experience, not theory.

Our leaders have

  • Internal corporate forensic, FCPA/anti-bribery/corruption, accounting, auditing, risk management, and compliance experience with Fortune 30 multi-national companies and the most recognized names of companies around the world.
  • Service with the United States military and American as well as foreign law enforcement.
  • Global, client-facing experience with Big Four accounting and other top management consulting firms, assisting public and private companies, as well as domestic and foreign governments, in audit and consulting leadership roles.

Our clients benefit by having one firm, RKA Worldwide, provide a suite of services to assist them in resolving distress and uncertainty arising from risk, disputes, and other business challenges.

Our client service approach is simple:

  • We hire the right talent.
  • We are subject matter experts in each of the core areas that we serve.
  • We lead by example.

While RKA Worldwide Group LLC (USA) and RKA Worldwide do Brasil Consultoria and companies in formation, RKA Worldwide de Colombia SAS, RKA Worldwide de Argentina SA, and RKA Worldwide Security and Protection LLC, may employ, associate and/or contract with attorneys and CPAs, we are not public accounting firms nor law firms nor are we registered as such.