Andrew Levetown

JD, Esq.

Senior Executive Advisor to the firm, and to the Global Investigation & Forensics practice,

Subject Matter Expert in International Senior Management, C-level and Board Services, Compliance, White-Collar Crime Investigation, Forensics, eDiscovery & Litigation Support,

Former Assistant United States Attorney, Department of Justice, and

Former Corporate General Counsel, President, CEO, & Division President

Phone: 1 (703) 674-5080, x115


11710 Plaza America Drive, Suite 300
Reston, VA 20190 USA


Andrew Levetown (American Citizen), a licensed attorney in Washington, DC, is a Senior Executive Advisor in the following RKA’s global advisory practices: Investigation and Forensics; Ethics and Compliance; and Litigation Support Advisory practices. A former Assistant United States Attorney and federal prosecutor, Andrew is a subject matter expert in white-collar crime/financial crimes, fraud examination, anti-bribery/corruption/FCPA matters, import and export violations, trade secret thefts, corporate malfeasance, embezzlements, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, price fixing, evidence destruction, eDiscovery, and FCA whistleblower investigations. He also has extensive experience in international senior management, C-level, and board services. Andrew has previously served as corporate general counsel, president, CEO, and division president. For the past twenty plus years, Mr. Levetown has conducted complex domestic and international business intelligence investigations involving issues pertaining to corporate combinations and business expansion, regulatory compliance complex and litigation. Mr. Levetown has led investigations into many of the best-known corporate malfeasance cases, including Enron, Adelphia, and WorldCom, and he has conducted internal investigations for Fortune 500 companies, for corporate counsel, with outside counsel, for senior executives, and audit committees of boards of directors. He is based in Virginia, where he resides with his wife and children.

With leadership presence and residing in the Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and New York metro areas; Miami; Houston; Austin; Atlanta; Columbus; Tampa; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City; Brisbane, Australia; and Cologne, Germany, the firm principals are repeatedly sought-after in high stakes forensic, integrity services and special investigation, as well as risk, security/executive protection, litigation support, and compliance advisory services. They have worked for or served the world’s largest, most recognized, and respected companies. Together, RKA multi-lingual leaders some which are certified public accountants, accredited business valuators, certified internal auditors and certified fraud examiners, others certified in financial forensics, project management, audit leadership, government and information systems audit, and risk management, licensed attorneys, and personal protection specialists. We have decades of experience as former Fortune 30 senior executives, including CEOs and Board/Audit Committee members, Big4 accounting firm partners, external and internal auditors, compliance advisors, protection and intelligence community personnel, United States federal prosecutors, and state and federal American and foreign law enforcement and armed forces commissioned officers.


Internal Investigations

  • Conducted internal investigations into potential FCPA violations on behalf of Fortune 100 companies.
  • Investigated claims of criminal activity and breaches of fiduciary duties by executives of Not-for-Profits, Churches, private and public corporations.
  • Managed case involving the complete destruction of church internal documents to prove embezzlement by ministers.
  • Investigation on behalf of Chiquita Banana into leaks of proprietary information resulting in prosecution and conviction of a reporter.
  • Investigation on behalf of audit committee of Boards of Directors into rampant trade secret theft from competitors and breaches of fiduciary duties.
  • Investigation on behalf of Local Producers of natural gas into theft of gas by utility.

Due Diligence, Contests over Corporate Control & Asset Searches

  • Led 1000’s of global due diligence investigations for PE funds, Banks, NFP’s, corporations and attorneys on almost every continent.
  • Led research teams assessing the past performance and integrity of corporate raiders, acquirers, and acquisition targets.
  • Conducted several hundred domestic and international asset searches as part of pre-litigation due diligence and post-judgment collection efforts. Involved in Madoff asset search investigation and research.

Patents & Intellectual Property Cases

  • Managed and directed multiple investigations on behalf of famous brands including NIKE, Osh Kosh, AIRWALK and others into product diversion by Asian outsource manufacturers.
  • Managed hundreds of investigations into trade secret theft and breaches of fiduciary duties including thefts of technology by foreign nationals and departing senior executives.
  • Investigated inventorship claims on behalf of a major U.S. university against a multinational entity.
  • Investigated 50 plus alleged patent infringement cases, worked with subject matter experts to create claims charts, and tested for validity against case law and prior art.
  • Whistleblower Cases
  • Investigated FCA claims on behalf of whistleblowers relating to mortgage and healthcare frauds.

White Collar Defense

  • Criminal defense investigations of corporate officers accused of financial reporting fraud including defending Stuart Wolfe in Homestore criminal securities case.
  • Investigated embezzlements and breaches of fiduciary duties by convicted government whistleblower in ADM price-fixing case.
  • Investigated allegations of breaches of fiduciary duties by officers in multi-billion-dollar trade secret theft case brought against fiber optics company purchased by NorTel.
  • Consulted on the Catholic Church pedophilia cases resulting in settlements with church in Boston.
  • Managed investigations into various data security breaches.
  • Managed investigation for Board of Directors into destruction of evidence by corporate officers.
  • Investigation into alleged embezzlement and forgery by president of privately held company.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

  • Investigated alleged violations of the Federal Bank Holding Act relating to the banks’ refusal to re-subordinate its second mortgages to any competitors’ first mortgages effectively eliminating competition for the refinance of the borrower’s first mortgage.
  • Investigated a series of cases against developers and banks in North Carolina and Georgia relating to the sale of almost worthless land in uncompleted land deals.

Securities Fraud Claims

  • Massachusetts Bricklayers and Mason Trust Funds v. Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc.
  • United Western bank v. Countrywide Financial Corp
  • First Star Bank v. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
  • In Re Morgan Stanley Mortgage Pass-Through Certificates Litigation
  • JD., GWU, National Law Center (graduated with honors)
  • BA., University of Virginia (graduated with honors)


  • Global / cross-border investigation, FCPA investigations
  • End to end global litigation support
  • eDiscovery consulting
  • Corporate compliance & risk management
  • Financial crimes investigations
  • Government enforcement
  • DUE DILIGENCE & Asset Searching
  • Litigation related investigations, witness inteviews, witness identification
  • Investigations for Boards of Directors
  • Intellectual property investigations & enforcement
  • Global business intelligence
  • Corporate counsel advisory services
  • Trial attorney advisory services
  • Assistant United States Attorney, District Of Columbia
  • Litigator, Reed Smith, LLP.
  • Division President, First Advantage (Now Consilio)
  • Co-Founder, CEO, CoreFacts, LLC. (Ediscovery, Computer Forensics, Investigations)
  • Chief Executive Officer, Defined Discovery (Produces eDiscovery Management Software)
  • President, Insight Diligence, LLC. (Due Diligence and Corporate Investigations)
  • Managing Director, FTI Consulting (Global Risk and Investigations)
  • Managing Director & Regional Counsel, Kroll Associates,
  • Senior Managing Director & Counsel, DSFX
  • Managing Partner, Levetown & Jenkins, LLP (Patent Enforcement, Securities and Consumer Frauds, Antitrust)
  • Partner, Ivey & Levetown (Investigations and litigation)

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