Cyber Forensics, Electronic Evidence, Data Analytics & E-Discovery

Our e-discovery managed services reduce your costs and provide greater budget predictability, all while reducing the need for internal technology investments. We can provide clients with a master repository so that data need only be collected and processed once. In the repository, the data can be accessed and used across multiple matters, enabling the reuse, and retain valuable attorney work product.

Working directly with corporations and their law firms on the front line, we provide innovative solutions to address key e-discovery challenges. Our global professionals are industry leaders experienced in many of the largest e-discovery matters of the past decade.

With speed, efficiency and discretion, RKA delivers the full spectrum of modern data sources. Leveraging state-of-the-art forensic technology and methodologies, our experts have years of experience finding and collecting evidence in a defensible manner, with chain of custody intact and minimal disruption to daily business operations. The RKA team can also provide expert testimony and develop courtroom materials that clearly explain the evidence and methodology.

Mario Sanchez


Consulting Director & Senior Advisor to the Firm

Global Engagement & Project Management Office

Forensic Collection Services

  • Assessment of scope & disposition of data to be acquired
  • Preservation of relevant data
  • Forensic collection of all data types including traditional data sources, mobile device, exchange, cloud and social media
  • On-site data collection with minimal disruption
  • Remote collection, web access or existing infrastructure over network
  • Preservation and reconstruction of corrupt or deleted data
  • Password cracking
  • Development and implementation of search strategies to reduce volume and cost

Investigative Services

  • Preparing for and conduct witness interviews
  • Managing key communications
  • Performing fact-finding investigations to uncover evidence and identify participants in corrupt activity
  • Assessing and evaluating of compliance program and/or internal controls
  • Forensic accounting review of books and records to determine scope of violations and reconstruct financial records to prove actual events
  • Background investigations of third parties to support internal investigation and assess ongoing business relationships

Post Collection & Investigation Services

  • Processing, hosting, review and production of multilingual data
  • Sworn Affidavits and Declarations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Preparation of responses to government subpoenas and requests for information
  • Preparation of formal reports for regulators and law enforcement personnel
  • Support for legal counsel in plea negotiations and ‘ability to pay’ defenses
  • Preparation for initial meet and confer conferences

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