Daniele De Almeida

Daniele De Almeida

Staff Director & Head - Executive Office and Administration,

Engagement Administration Director, and

Portuguese and Spanish bilingual


+55 (11) 97521-7412

Email: ddealmeida@RKA-worldwide.com

982 Rua Afonso Celso – Sala 64
Sao Paulo, SP, 04119-060 Brasil


Daniele de Almeida (Brazilian citizen) is the staff director and also the head of the executive office and firm administration. Prior, she also served as the Administrator of RKA’s chairman’s offices. In client services, she supports the administrative side of investigative and other advisory teams performing fieldwork and “on the ground” work for clients as Engagement Administration Director. She is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where she resides with her husband and son.

With leadership presence and residing in the Washington, DC, Los Angeles, and New York metro areas; Miami; Houston; Austin; Atlanta; Columbus; Tampa; Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Quito, Ecuador; Bogota, Colombia; Mexico City; Brisbane, Australia; and Cologne, Germany, the firm principals are repeatedly sought-after in high stakes forensic, integrity services and special investigation, as well as risk, security/executive protection, litigation support, and compliance advisory services. They have worked for or served the world’s largest, most recognized, and respected companies. Together, RKA multi-lingual leaders some which are certified public accountants, accredited business valuators, certified internal auditors and certified fraud examiners, others certified in financial forensics, project management, audit leadership, government and information systems audit, and risk management, licensed attorneys, and personal protection specialists. We have decades of experience as former Fortune 30 senior executives, including CEOs and Board/Audit Committee members, Big4 accounting firm partners, external and internal auditors, compliance advisors, protection and intelligence community personnel, United States federal prosecutors, and state and federal American and foreign law enforcement and armed forces commissioned officers.

Daniele has 13 years of administrative and executive administration areas. For three years she worked for a Brazilian philanthropic government health services entity called SPDM where she gained significant experience and exposure to the administration of healthcare operations, as well as not-for-profit entities. Her for-profit experience includes serving for over seven years with global management consulting firm, RKA Worldwide, a forensic accounting, fraud examination, and corporate investigation firm, as well as a compliance, internal audit and executive protection/security consultancy.

At RKA Daniele raised through the ranks and since consistently promoted while serving in administrative, executive support, and client resource management areas. On her current role she heads the global executive office and firm administrative areas, as well as liaises with other corporate executives and region, country, and office heads, and global practice leaders.

Daniele also supports the case management and administrative sides of consulting projects and investigations and fieldwork teams.

While RKA Worldwide Group LLC (USA) and RKA Worldwide do Brasil Consultoria and companies in formation, RKA Worldwide de Colombia SAS, RKA Worldwide de Argentina SA, and RKA Worldwide Security and Protection LLC, may employ, associate and/or contract with attorneys and CPAs, we are not public accounting firms nor law firms nor are we registered as such.