Executive Protection & Security

Protection and security needs, domestically and abroad.

Criminal conduct can occur at any venue, at any time, with dire consequences. Wealthy or powerful individuals are always vulnerable to crime and must safeguard themselves, their families, friends, clients, and colleagues from becoming victims. Many factors must be considered in order to successfully achieve this mission, and it is essential to have experienced, well-trained staff to provide security solutions that will meet your needs.

RKA Worldwide’s protection and security consulting program is led by a 25-year veteran of the Brazilian Federal Police, who has significant experience providing protection, including of the Brazilian, American and other presidents and their families, the Pope and been responsible for senior investigative and intelligence leadership You and your executives will receive the same comprehensive protection methodologies received by top leaders and provide you with the high degree of confidentiality you would expect.

“The success of an effective executive protection and security program,” states Ariel Ramirez, President & CEO of RKA Worldwide, “begins with first ascertaining the client’s needs. This is done by conducting a comprehensive risk assessment which helps identify risks, vulnerabilities, and appropriate countermeasures. It should involve a multi-tiered 360-degree approach that focuses on addressing all identified security concerns. RKA Worldwide takes pride in delivering personalized security solutions that meet the specific needs of clients both domestically and abroad.”

Flavio Trivella


Global Head & Practice Leader

Jack Brock

Director, Executive Protection, Southeast USA

RKA Worldwide has a diverse line of executive protection and security services to assist you. Let us solve your protection and security needs, domestically and abroad.

Security Consulting Lines of Service

Event Security

Whether a tour through a park with your family, RKA Worldwide is ready to provide you with a safe environment. RKA Worldwide’s protective consultants have a wealth of knowledge managing security events. We understand clients have differing degrees of comfort with regard to security staff, so we personally tailor our protective tactics to meet your specific needs. We provide you with a safe environment, while simultaneously allowing you to be yourself and enjoy your event. Before any engagement, a pre-assessment is conducted at each and every venue to determine the appropriate level of security procedures/personnel necessary.

Security Consulting Solutions

Our experts have extensive training in analyzing and implementing security countermeasures to mitigate risk. We offer solutions applicable to office environments, residential security, personal security, and travel security. Our subject matter experts work closely with each client to provide recommendations to improve existing security protocols or to create comprehensive security plans that meet clients’ needs. Unlike some of our competitors, we will not provide a service that isn’t needed. Our security consultants will only recommend solutions that are necessary and will provide a positive return on investment.

Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

Prior to providing any security solutions, we will conduct a vulnerability/risk assessment. Our security luminaries have extensive experience in conducting risk assessments to support security missions globally. We pride ourselves on conducting physical surveys for each venue in order to adequately address all security concerns from a multi-tiered, 360-degree perspective. Each site, whether it be a hotel, private residence, restaurant, or corporate building, has its own unique set of security challenges. Thus, our specialists do not rely on a “one size fits all” approach.

Potentially Hostile Employee Terminations

Terminating an employee who has the potential to become hostile is something that should only be addressed by knowledgeable, experienced professionals. RKA Worldwide will provide you with a security solution specific to your unique situation. We will address the issue in a professional and compassionate manner for the terminated employee. Our security consultants have successfully conducted a number of potentially hostile terminations without any negative legal consequences.

The investigative team at RKA Worldwide is composed of corporate and private investigators**. We have extensive experience conducting investigations related to misconduct and compliance issues. We also have significant experience with due diligence inquiries, background/pre-employment screening, interviews, and surveillance. Our reports are based on facts and objective investigative techniques. **RKA Worldwide is not a registered private investigation agency.

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