Litigation Support & Expert Services

RKA provides independent, expert analysis and testimony by providing evidence of the highest quality and reliability to quantifying financial loss or unreported income and assets.  Our professionals play a crucial role by providing credible support and expertise to clients in all types of litigation disputes.

Whether involving breach of contract or shareholder disputes, torts, or matrimonial matters, RKA’s professionals provide expertise, independence, credibility and objectivity to assist with all litigation assignments.   Our experts have experience working in situations that require complex financial analysis involving a wide range of disputes.

We provide the necessary financial analyses and investigative accounting and document reviews through each stage of a dispute process and present our findings in a clear manner.

Our professionals work side-by-side with legal counsel to provide the necessary financial analysis to assist in any litigation. Depending on the circumstances, our roles vary. As litigation consultants, we are commonly asked to quantify relevant financial losses or weigh in on financial settlement negotiations.

Tony Joy


Interim Global Head & Practice Leader

While RKA Worldwide Group LLC (USA) and RKA Worldwide do Brasil Consultoria and companies in formation, RKA Worldwide de Colombia SAS, RKA Worldwide de Argentina SA, and RKA Worldwide Security and Protection LLC, employs, associates and contracts with attorneys and CPAs, we are not public accounting firms nor law firms nor are we registered as such.