Risk Management & Internal Audit

Enterprise risk management services and financial, operational, compliance, and IT audits.

Today’s business world is constantly changing. Increased globalization and technological advancements are only two of the many elements that impact your organization’s strategy and business processes. In addition, acts of business fraud and inadvertent errors have become increasingly prevalent, and it is now crucial that you continually assess your organization’s governance, risk, internal controls, compliance policies, and procedures to mitigate risk, safeguard your assets, and achieve organizational objectives.

“Effective enterprise risk management and internal auditing can add significant value by helping the organization achieve its strategic objectives without taking unnecessary risks for its stakeholders,” says Ariel Ramirez, CIA, President & CEO of RKA Worldwide. “We can help evaluate your organization’s key business processes and controls, identify red flags of fraud, and monitor business operations in dynamic environments. Our customized risk management and internal audit services will help meet your organization’s ever-changing needs.”

Risk Management Advisory Services

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is an ongoing process designed to identify events that could potentially impact an organization. RKA Worldwide believes that an effective risk management framework is critical for all businesses as it provides organizations with reasonable assurance that objectives will be achieved. Our consultants are experts in the ERM field and have decades of experience serving Big Four accounting firms, financial institutions, and Fortune 30 companies. They have provided risk management services to multinational organizations in both the public and private sectors, domestically and abroad.

RKA Worldwide can enhance the risk management process within your organization. We can provide a thorough review and analysis of the effectiveness of your current ERM process and make recommendations for improvement. We can assist you in the identification and prioritization of your risk universe and facilitate sessions to determine your desired risk appetite and tolerance levels. Our services encompass financial, operational, and compliance risk assessments, and will help you to provide your board, stakeholders, and senior management team with reasonable assurance that your organization has effectively evaluated its key risk management processes.

Gerard (Rod) Brennan


Interim Global Head & Practice Leader

Our experience includes:

Our seasoned internal audit professionals are ready to serve your organization and will deliver consistent results based on best practices and recognized standards.

RKA Worldwide has a broad line of risk management and internal audit services to assist you. We can provide enterprise-wide assessments; financial, operational, compliance, and IT audits; and risk management and internal audit training.

  • Align organizational risks to strategic organization goals
  • Assess current corporate governance processes and make process improvement recommendations
  • Analyze the effectiveness of the organizational enterprise risk management (ERM) process and make improvement recommendations
  • Perform an enterprise-wide risk assessment
  • Identify key risks and create a risk universe
  • Assist the organization in establishing an effective ERM process
  • Review risk gaps in current versus desired state
  • Develop and implement risk management response
  • Develop continuous monitoring and communication tools
  • Evaluate cost reductions and operational efficiencies balanced against risk ramifications
  • Educate and empower employees and management in effective ERM practices
    Provide risk management awareness training for board and board committees

Internal Audit Advisory Services

The internal audit function is a multifaceted activity crucial to all organizations. It provides an independent and objective analysis of operational processes, procedures, and controls; helps to identify red flags of fraud and mitigate risk; and monitors corporate compliance with internal and external policies and regulations.

Our consultants are experts in the field of internal audit and can provide a multitude of services to assist you. We can perform an internal audit risk assessment and make specific recommendations for the development of an internal audit function within your organization, as well as assist you in positioning the internal audit function as an independent and objective source of advice to senior management and governing boards.

We are also available to perform financial, operational, compliance, and information technology (IT) audits and SOX 404 testing of internal controls over financial reporting. In addition, we can provide internal audit co-sourcing and additional internal audit staff with specific expertise to supplement on-going or planned assessments.

Our seasoned internal audit professionals are ready to serve your organization and will deliver consistent results based on best practices and recognized standards.

  • Development of an internal audit (IA) function, including the development of IA charter, policies, procedures, methodology, etc.
  • Advise the audit committee on the role of the IA function (overall effectiveness, structure, and relationship) and offer recommendations for improvement
  • Review and analyze the effectiveness of existing IA functions
  • Perform a formal quality assurance review/assessment of the IA function, as required by the IIA’s International Professional Practices Framework, including providing recommendations to help improve the IA function’s efficiency and effectiveness, as compared to best practices
  • Provide internal audit co-sourcing and provide additional IA staff and specific expertise in areas where the IA function may need additional resources
  • Preparation support for compliance reviews/certifications, i.e. SOC 1,2 & 3, ISO 27001, NIST, GDPR
  • Perform IA function benchmarking
  • Perform SOX 404 (or OMB Circular A-123) testing of internal controls over financial reporting
  • Conduct information technology (IT) audits
  • Perform financial controls audits
  • Perform operational audits
  • Perform compliance audits
  • Perform audits of ERM processes
  • Provide IA function and audit committee training

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